Press - T Adduction

Level: 1 2 3

Chest, Abdominals

Basic movements:

Ghost, Push

Starting position:

Standing facing away from the anchor point

Strap length:

Fully lengthened

Functional classification:



Feet at hip-width apart. Grip at shoulder level, arms straight.
Step back with left foot, toe-in;
Step forward with right foot, resting on toes;
Palms under your shoulders;
Do a press, don't drop your chest below the level of your hands;
Do a T bring, elbows soft, open your chest, bring your shoulder blades together.
Strong active plank.

Recommended load:


Benefits of exercise

Press - T level 1 reduction on FISIO functional hinges is performed with additional support on the toe

This exercise works out the chest and triceps muscles well, and the posterior bundle of the deltoid muscle is also strengthened. The pectoral muscles and the posterior delta are least involved in everyday life, and it is they who lack the load for full functioning. Untrained muscles result in muscle imbalance.

To avoid this, try to perform minimal loads, strengthening your muscular frame. This will be an excellent start to a toned and beautiful figure.