Long Torso Twist Stretch

Level: 1


Basic movements:

Hinge, Plank

Starting position:

Standing sideways

Strap length:


Functional classification:



Grip the handles with your right hand at chest level. Keep the left arm parallel to the torso. Bring the feet to an offset position with the right foot at the front. Grab the handles with your left hand and rotate the palms downwards. Lean backwards forming a straight line with your torso and extend the arms. Push the pelvis outwards and lower the torso towards the ground.

Recommended load:

10 sec.

Benefits of exercise

Cross-stretching of the back on FISIO functional loops

This exercise is aimed at improving the flexibility of the back muscle. It is not a difficult exercise that will help you relieve fatigue and tension in your back, improve mobility and reduce pain. This exercise also involves the biceps of the thigh and the gluteus muscle a little. The elasticity of the leg muscles will be a great advantage, the blood flow of muscle tissue will improve, the feeling of heaviness in the legs will disappear.