The functional loops of the TRX FISIO are more than a simulator, it is a full–fledged training system. An unstable support can turn classic push-ups into a complex multifunctional exercise, thanks to which several muscle groups will be involved at once.

Features of training with TRX FISIO functional loops, you work out with your own weight. It is your weight that is used as a burden, so that you can perform effective strength training. The load varies and is adjusted by changing the angle of inclination of your body.

The loop mechanism allows you to perform almost all the basic movements that are used in the training process: traction, retraction, bench press, flexion, extension, rotation and many other motor actions. Plyometric exercises, statics, exercises with coordination elements will help to develop not only strength, but also flexibility, endurance, and strengthen the vestibular apparatus.


By design, the functional hinges of the TRX FISIO are a compact suspension simulator made of durable materials, which consists of a mount, two straps and handles.

The handles of the loops are quite mobile, this allows you to take various starting positions in which you can hold your body with a straight, reverse, parallel grip. Also in many exercises, such as plank, shin flexion, explosive push-ups, oblique crunch, pike, leg pull to the side and others, handles are used to fix the ankle of the legs.

The functional hinges of the TRX FISIO are attached to a horizontal bar or to any stable base. It can be a tree, a horizontal bar or a sports facility or any other structure that will allow you to securely fix the simulator. A simpler option is to use an ordinary door as a fastener. In any case, regardless of the choice of support, make sure that the fitness hinges are firmly fixed at height.

To start working on the TRX FISIO fitness loops, you need to adjust the length of the slings, and take the starting position depending on the exercise you choose. The difficulty level is adjusted by the length of the straps or by changing the angle of the body.

Training with TRX FISIO fitness loops is based on working with your own weight. But, unlike a regular weight-free workout, a functional one allows you to increase the load on your muscles with the help of a unique weight training feature that connects all the stabilizer muscles.

The advantages of functional loops include:

  • the novelty effect: even the usual basic exercises connect a lot of small muscles of your body;
  • just one set of loops is used to work out a wide variety of muscle groups: shoulders, triceps, chest, back, biceps, buttocks and abs;
  • improved coordination, balance and mobility;
  • development of endurance and explosive power;
  • strengthening the spine and forming a straight and beautiful posture;
  • development of elasticity of muscle tissue;
  • suitable for professional athletes and amateurs of any level.

Due to unstable or reduced support, stabilizer muscles are actively activated during exercise, and even the most ordinary exercises turn into complex, multifunctional motor actions.

During training on TRX FISIO, the body consumes a fairly large amount of energy, a high level of metabolic response is created and your body spends calories for a long time even after completing exercises.


In fact, TRX FISIO is suitable for almost everyone, except for people with obvious physical disabilities and serious injuries, in which even the lightest loads need to be treated with caution.

The category who can and should work with functional loops includes:

  • athletes who want to diversify their training complex, overcome the plateau (stagnation) and acquire new motor skills;
  • athletes who need rehabilitation after an injury. On TRX FISIO, you can perform isolating exercises on the part of the body that has not lost its functions and is special for the gradual restoration of the amplitude of movements of the injured part of the body and general motor activity;
  • beginners who want to start on their own with something simple but effective;
  • people with high employment and unstable work schedules who do not have the opportunity to study at a sports club on a regular basis;
  • losing weight, gaining weight (with proper nutrition), wishing to increase their functionality, physical qualities and keep the body in great shape;
  • people who have physical activity restrictions due to health problems;

The absolute contraindications, in the presence of which it is better to limit classes with TRX FISIO, include serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, the early recovery period after surgical interventions, and the acute period of chronic diseases. If you have doubts about your health, consult a specialist.


The main condition for effective training is the organization of a proper training regime. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. In order for training to bring results, you need to have a clear goal. This is the only way to achieve the desired effect: lose weight or, conversely, build muscle mass. To begin with, decide on a goal, this will help you build your regime with an emphasis on either cardio programs or strength ones.
  2. The level of training. Choose a program that corresponds to your physical level at the moment of your life. With the right choice of load, you will be able to complete the workout from start to finish in full, get light muscle fatigue and pleasant fatigue after an active pastime. Concentrate on the work of the muscles. Fast and chaotic movements can injure your muscles and joints.
  3. Amount. When determining the frequency of classes, it is important to pay attention to the following points: compliance with the regime, discipline, priority, frequency of the complex. This is the main basis of a competent training process.
  4. The venue. Workouts can be carried out both in the fitness room, outdoors, and at home. To practice at home, you need a fairly small, furniture-free space. Beginners are recommended to study in a group under the guidance of a trainer in order to properly master the technique of working with TRX FISIO loops and avoid overwork.
  5. Sports sneakers and uniforms. Shoes for classes should be comfortable, not slip on the surface. The clothes are loose, not restraining movements. If you exercise on a hot summer day, try to exercise in the shade to avoid overheating and dehydration.

Safety. This popular simulator is quite easy to use, but before using it, make sure that the hinges of the TRX FISIO are securely fixed and the carabiner is tightly closed. Always check the reliability of the fastening before training, periodically check the tapes (slings) for damage and frayed seams.


Training methods are ways of organizing and conducting exercises that determine the nature, intensity and duration of the load. There are many methods of training with loops, but the following 4 are the most common and effective: circular, repeated, continuous and interval. Your intended goal will help you decide on the choice of method. Let's look at them in more detail.


If your goal is weight loss, then in this case the best option is a comprehensive circular method. It includes several exercises (from 5 to 10) performed in a certain order without rest or with minimal rest in between. They are repeated in a circle several times.

Because in a fitness training program aimed at losing weight, they usually combine a moderate-intensity cardio load with basic exercises for all muscle groups, for example, lunges back and forth and to the side, squats, pull-ups, pullovers, buttocks lifting and twisting on the press. Circular training is ideal for this purpose. Choose several exercises and perform them at an average pace one after the other. At the end of the workout, do not forget to do a stretch to relax the muscles of the body.


It is also well suited for weight loss and the development of endurance of the body. It is built on a single continuous performance of training work, without rest.

Of course, the continuous method is more characterized by cyclic types of stress: running, walking, cycling, swimming. On the TRX FISIO functional loops, you can also choose an exercise that fits this method, for example, "march". This option is recommended for novice sports and fitness enthusiasts, at first glance this exercise will seem simple, but it will allow you to perform a high-quality cardio load. You can perform this type of continuous long-term load at home.


The next method is a repeat one. It consists of performing exercises in alternation with rest, which allows you to work with a high intensity of load. Ideal for those who want to increase muscle mass.

Firstly, in American TRX FISIO loops, you can do combined exercises that simultaneously pump several muscle groups at once (this saves time and quickly gets results). For example, pull-ups or push-ups from the floor in loops, where in addition to the actively working chest, triceps and front of the shoulders, the press is in static tension, that is, the body is held in the "plank" position.

The repeated method allows you to work out individual muscle groups in isolation and on TRX FISIO functional loops. This possibility is quite wide: flexion on the biceps with one hand, reverse push-ups on the triceps, working out the back of the thigh and all bundles of deltoid muscles separately. With this method, you will be able to build the proportions of your body to an ideal result.


This method came to us from professional sports, it was used to train athletes. The main advantage is low time costs.

The interval method includes a "heavy" phase alternating with a "light" one, that is, intervals are made between the "inclusions". Intervals are rest periods during which the optimal heart rate is maintained for active fat burning. Thanks to this method, you can achieve a beautiful relief.

This method also applies more to cyclic types of load. But using the same type of exercises of different levels, simple for the "light" phase and difficult for the "heavy" one, you will be able to perform such a workout, remember that it should not be long. Such training is suitable for experienced athletes.

Remember that in order to achieve the best results, it is necessary to eliminate bad habits from life, if any, adjust nutrition, monitor sleep and rest.


Men are recommended to use the method of high-intensity training, which consists in performing a small number of sets and repetitions with a heavy load.

It is important to ensure a balanced load on all areas of the body: do not neglect the muscles of the legs and buttocks, especially if you like to perform exercises on the chest, arms, shoulders and back more often.

For men engaged in strength training, split programs are suitable - pumping 1-2 muscle groups per session. For beginners, it is better to choose fullbody programs when all muscle groups are included in one workout.


And among the effective training methods for women, there are suitable ones. It is preferable for them to perform exercises on TRX FISIO loops with a large number of repetitions, but with less power loads.

The circular method, which we wrote about above, is perfect for this. That is, you perform exercises in a cycle with minimal rest, which gives effective results: calories are burned, a beautiful and toned figure is formed. After all, it is girls who most often monitor the slimness of their bodies.


We offer you a special set of exercises that does not require additional equipment, except for this simulator. They can be performed independently anywhere – at home, at the stadium or in the gym. All of them are performed with the weight of your own body.

On this page above, you will find workouts compiled by professionals and divided into levels that increase in proportion to your progress.


  1. The rule of support. The wider the setting of the legs, the easier it is. The closer the feet are to each other, the heavier it is. The most difficult option is to perform exercises with reduced support, i.e. with support on one leg.
  2. The rule of constant loop tension. During the exercises, the TRX FISIO loops must be constantly stretched, which will serve as an indicator of muscle tension and control of the correct direction of movement.
  3. The muscles of the body are active. Almost always with TRX FISIO loops, the body must be in full tension during the exercise. The body must maintain the original position of the bar until the working time is over.
  4. The vector rule. The closer the legs are to the hinge attachment point, the more difficult it is to perform the movements. The further away from the hinge attachment point, the easier it is.
  5. The loops of the TRX FISIO should not touch the body. Starting from the initial position and throughout the amplitude of the movement, the loops should not touch the body of the student. If the loops start to rub your shoulders a little, then you need to keep your arms wider. When the loops touch the body, it signals that the person is changing the trajectory of movement to facilitate the exercise and relieve the load from the target muscles.


  • What muscles do these workouts involve?
    With the help of TRX FISIO training loops, you can work out the whole body, as well as use the stabilizer muscles, which work much less when performing regular exercises.
  • Where is it better to study: at home or in the gym?
    There is no clear answer that it is better. It is worth starting from your own preferences and capabilities. Sports should bring you not only results, but also pleasure. Therefore, choose the most comfortable and practical option for you.
  • Is it possible to pump muscles every day?
    If the goal is to lose weight, then daily physical activity will definitely help you lose weight faster (if you follow a diet). If you want to build up your muscles, then daily strength training is not recommended, there should still be minimal breaks.
  • How often do I need to pump my muscles?
    If you can't afford to go to the gym often or just don't want to waste time on it, train one muscle group 1 time a week 2 weeks. This way you will not overtraine, you will have time to recover, you will be able to slowly, but most importantly, correctly and constantly progress. If you want to use all the possibilities of muscle growth, you should divide the program into heavy and light workouts, the first of which are performed once every two weeks, and the second – every three days.
  • Is TRX FISIO loop fitness better than weight lifting?
    On fitness loops, you can perform the same load as when working with free weight. Muscles need high-quality training, no matter what you work with. Loop training is also a kind of "weight lifting", only your own weight acts as gravity. You also pump your body effectively, but without additional axial load on the spine. Plus, you train coordination, flexibility and balance as a bonus. All these points give a great advantage to loops. Working with weights is no less effective and this is a classic training option that also deserves attention. If you have a difficult choice and you cannot decide what is best for you, combine the two types of training, this will allow you to develop even more physical qualities and acquire new skills.