Level: 1 2 3


Starting position:

Ground facing away from the anchor point

Strap length:

Mid-calf length

Functional classification:



Rest on knees and palms, arms straight, feet in straps.
Stand in a plank, toes facing out;
Feet under the anchor point, palms under the shoulder;
Bend shoulders, shift body back, head below palm level.
Strong active plank.

Recommended load:


Benefits of exercise

The level 3 saw on FISIO functional hinges is carried out with support on straight arms

This exercise requires an average level of physical fitness. The entire shoulder body, obliques, rectus muscle and deep muscles of the back and abdomen are involved here. During this exercise, the shoulder ligaments are strengthened, this is important both in everyday life and in sports, since the shoulder is a complex and very mobile and at the same time vulnerable joint, thanks to its structure, we can perform various hand movements in full.

To maintain functions in the shoulder joints, it is necessary to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the shoulder. A weak ligamentous apparatus leads to dislocations, sprains and other injuries of the shoulder.