Low pull (one hand)

Level: 1 2 3 4

Biceps, Back

Starting position:

Standing facing the anchor point

Strap length:

Over shortened

Functional classification:



Sitting, legs bent, feet on the floor at shoulder width. Grip with left hand above head.
Right arm straight, palm on the floor;
Lift pelvis, legs straight, heel support, right arm at waist, left arm straight;
Do a lower pull.
Repeat the same for the other arm.
Strong active plank;
Avoid jerking your pelvis upwards, focus on bringing your shoulder blade together, don't take your elbow the side.

Recommended load:


Benefits of exercise

The lower pull (one arm) of the 4th level on the FISIO functional hinges is performed from a horizontal position.

This exercise is aimed at developing the strength of the muscles of the back, arms and to strengthen the grip. This variant of traction is suitable for experienced athletes and professionals who are accustomed to exercises that do not give a powerful response to the muscles after exercise. Pulling yourself up from the bottom point, you strengthen your ligaments, increase the strength of your arms and back, and develop body balance. The muscles of the core help to stabilize the position and keep the body in one line. 

For those who want to learn how to pull themselves up on one hand, this exercise will serve as an excellent assistant in achieving the goal.