Pull-up with a wide grip

Level: 1 2 3 4

Biceps, Back

Starting position:

Standing facing the anchor point

Strap length:

Over shortened

Functional classification:



Sitting, legs straight in front of you, torso bent, upper grip, arms straight.
Do a pull-up while maintaining a 90 degree pelvic angle, keeping your legs together.
Perform the movement with the strength of your arms.

Recommended load:


Benefits of exercise

Pull-ups with a wide grip of 4 levels on functional FISIO loops with straight legs

This is a difficult exercise that involves pulling up and static holding of straight legs. Such a load increases the tension in the forearms, thereby strengthening the grip, connecting the muscles of the core, since you need to keep your legs in a straight position, and this is a very heavy load on the deep abdominal muscles. Pulling strengthens the strength of the back and biceps muscles.

A comprehensive functional exercise for powerful bodywork, which is suitable for experienced athletes and athletes.