Hip and lower leg flexion

Level: 1 2 3

Shin, Hips

Starting position:

Ground facing the anchor point

Strap length:

Mid-calf length

Functional classification:



Lying on your back, arms out diagonally with palms up. Feet in straps, above body level, behind the anchor point.
Lift your pelvis;
Do a shin bend, feet under the anchor point.
Strong active plank;
Pay attention to the position of the feet at the peak point;
Knee angle 90 degrees.

Recommended load:


Benefits of exercise

Flexion of the hip and lower leg of the 1st level on FISIO functional hinges is performed with the fixation of the feet behind the attachment point.

This is an effective exercise for working out the muscles of the back of the thigh and the muscles of the shin. This exercise perfectly isolates the hamstrings that run along the back of the legs, making them flexible and elastic.

Shifting the force vector beyond the attachment point reduces the load, which makes it possible for novice athletes with any level of physical fitness to perform this exercise. During this exercise, in addition to increasing the strength of the legs and buttocks, the muscles of the cortex are involved in the work, which are responsible for maintaining an even position of the body.

Regular performance of this exercise will help to increase the strength and volume of the leg muscles, as well as improve coordination of movements.