Level: 1 2 3 4


Starting position:

Standing facing the anchor point

Strap length:

Mid-calf length

Functional classification:



Rest on your knees and forearms, forearms in the straps, elbows under the shoulder.
Lift your knees off the floor, resting on your toes and forearms;
Hold the extreme position for a few seconds and return to the starting position.
Keep your back straight, keeping your balance.

Recommended load:

20 sec.

Benefits of exercise

The level 1 quadroped on the FISIO functional loops is performed statically. 

This is an interesting isometric exercise that will work out the muscles of the core, strengthen the muscles of the legs, shoulders, forearms and back. This exercise has a number of advantages.

Firstly, it is no less effective than cardio exercise. Maintaining a static posture requires a lot of energy. This helps to reduce body fat. Secondly, such a load involves a large volume of muscle fibers. Which allows you to work out the whole body qualitatively. Thirdly, it improves balance and coordination. This skill is important both in sports activities and in everyday life.