Plank pushups

Level: 1 2 3

Triceps, Shoulders, Chest

Starting position:

Ground facing away from the anchor point

Strap length:

Mid-calf length

Functional classification:



Standing on your knees, left foot in the strap, arms straight, palms on the floor.
Straighten left leg, lift right leg;
Stand in a plank, toes out, palms under your shoulders;
Do a push-up without your right foot touching the floor.
Strong active plank.

Recommended load:


Benefits of exercise

Push-ups in the level 3 plank on the FISIO functional loops are performed with a decrease in the fulcrum. 

This exercise is suitable for those who perfectly perform classic push-ups. This type of load will force even experienced athletes to make every effort. Unstable support on one leg increases the load on the muscles of the chest and arms. It forces you to concentrate on the accuracy of movements, maintain balance, hold the body without bending the lower back.

This exercise will give an impetus to progress in working weights on basic exercises, increase endurance and muscle strength. Dilute the training program with an unusual load for the body.