Backward lunge with leg change

Level: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Shin, Ноги, Glutes, Hips

Starting position:

Standing facing the anchor point

Strap length:


Functional classification:



Feet at pelvic width. Grip at waist level.
Lift right knee at a 90 degree angle;
Do a cross lunge backwards with your right leg;
Repeat the same on the other leg.
Keep your back straight;
Knee angle 90 degrees.

Recommended load:


Benefits of exercise

A backward lunge with a 3-level leg change on the FISIO functional loops is performed diagonally.

This variant of the exercise uses the gluteal muscles well. The large and small gluteal muscles are involved in the work. The quadriceps and adductor muscles of the thigh are also loaded. Diagonal lunges require good coordination and mobility of the hip joint. In addition to the work of the lower part of the body, the muscles of the bark take on a small load. At the lower point, you can achieve good stretching of the leg muscles.

Thanks to this exercise, you will be able to give your buttocks a rounded shape and tighten them.