Side lunge (alternating)

Level: 1 2 3

Glutes, Hips

Starting position:

Standing facing the anchor point

Strap length:


Functional classification:

Strength, Coordination


Feet together. Grip at waist level.
Lift your left thigh to a 90-degree angle;
Lunge to the side on your left leg, body bent, right leg straight;
Lift your left thigh to a 90-degree angle on the way out;
Repeat the same on the other leg.
Knee angle 90 degrees, back straight.

Recommended load:


Benefits of exercise

A lunge to the side of 3 levels alternately on the FISIO functional loops is performed with a hip lift.

During lunges to the side, the biceps of the thigh, quadriceps, adductor muscles and buttocks work. In this version, the difficulty lies in the fact that you need to additionally lift your hip. This requires special coordination and balance. Side attacks are included in training programs for athletes of game sports.