Chain triceps extension (side)

Level: 1 2 3


Starting position:

Standing sideways

Strap length:


Functional classification:

Strength, Coordination


Feet hip-width apart. Grip with left hand at hip level, right hand at waist.
Bring your left hand to the side, just above shoulder level, palm down;
Place your left foot against your right, body at a slight angle pointing to the left;
Step your left foot to the side with your toe;
Bend your left leg at the knee and your left arm at the elbow 90 degrees;
Body tilted, grip straight;
Do a forearm extension.
Keep your shoulders in one straight line.

Recommended load:


Benefits of exercise

Extension of the forearm with one hand sideways of the 1st level on the functional hinges of the FISIO with the help of support on the toe.

This exercise is aimed at developing the triceps muscle of the shoulder. Strengthening the triceps will provide support and stability to the elbow joint, reduce the risk of injury. Doing this exercise regularly will help add volume to your arms and increase strength. 

With the help of loops, you can adjust the angle of inclination and gradually add load to the target muscle.