How to set the right training goals with FISIO®?


A 30-minute FISIO workout is equivalent to an hour of running (10 km) and burns 400-600 kcal. Additionally, training with FISIO is mostly done in strength mode, so the body recovers lost energy not only during the workout, but also afterwards (for about the next 24 hours).


BMI 25-30
Overweight (pre-obesity)
It is possible to lose 5-10 kg

BMI 30-35
First degree obesity
It is possible to lose 7-15 kg

BMI 35-40
Second degree obesity
It is possible to lose 10-20 kg

BMI 40 or more
Third degree obesity (known as Morbid obesity)
There is no guarantee.

Please be aware that simply by exercising and continuing to eat as much as before will not result in weight loss.

Our nutrition guide is highly recommended to be studied right now!


Relief can be discussed when you have a normal BMI:

BMI 16-18,5
Underweight (deficit)
It is possible to gain 3-5 kg.1

BMI 18,5-25
Gain body relief without focusing on kilograms.

BMI 25-30
Overweight (pre-obesity)
You can lose 5-10 kg

To acquire a attractive and toned body, discipline is required:

  1. Regular training (at least 3 times a week) with FISIO®
  2. Close supervision of carb, protein, fat ratio;
  3. Healthy and restful sleep.


It is common to think about general wellness as you become older. However, due to sedentary lifestyles, musculoskeletal diseases now affect people much earlier in life. Already at the age of 25, young people frequently start feeling discomfort in the lower back and neck. There's nothing wrong with that because the body has much more resources than you might initially think! However, you must understand that this is a signal that shouldn't be ignored.

The backbone of a strong spine is the muscles surrounding it. By developing a muscular corset, you create a safety cushion for your joints, and also you can extend the life of the body you live in.

Training on FISIO® loops is especially beneficial for building a strong core (synergistic work of the abs and back muscles), because practically every FISIO® exercise activates the core.

With the first FISIO® workout, you begin a journey towards a good well-being. You will exercise every muscle in your body by mastering the FISIO® training programme, and after just one week of training, you will see a change in the strength, flexibility, and coordination of your body. It's the coolest feeling that all FISIO® users are usually happy about!

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Regarding your wellness objectives, you might anticipate the following outcomes after 3 months of training:


Avoid straining your back if you are in severe pain; as the pain goes away, gradually start training with FISIO®. Pay attention to abs and back training.

Exercise is not hindered by hernias or protrusion. On the contrary, you can reduce their impact on your general well-being by increasing spinal mobility.

After 1-3 months of training:

  • Reduced fatigue and back pain;
  • Improved thoracic spine mobility;
  • Posture correction.


Extension is important while feeling neck pain. Exercises to mobilize the upper spine deserve special attention.

Exercise is not hindered by hernias or protrusion. On the contrary, you can reduce their impact on your general well-being by increasing spinal mobility.

After 1-3 months of training:

  • Reduced cervical spine tension;
  • Improved cerebral blood circulation;
  • Posture correction.


There are various causes of knee pain. If there was an injury, proceed according to the rehabilitation protocol. The FISIO® hinge is an excellent post-rehabilitation tool for complete knee recovery.

Pay close attention to all leg workouts, including lunges and squats exercises.

Full recovery and strengthening of the muscle corset and ligament apparatus around the knee will contribute to reduce and eventually eliminate pain within 1-6 months of beginning training.


Circuit training with FISIO® increases your body's endurance. Try to reach your maximum with each exercise, go beyond your limit.

Put more attention on the number of repetitions and shorter rest periods between repetitions rather than the high angle (high load).

You will experience a steady increase in endurance from the first training session. In just 3 months of training, your endurance might grow by 100%.


Training with FISIO® is all about strength training. To become stronger, you have to choose the incline angle so that you can do no more than the set number of repetitions.

You will feel a steady increase in strength from the first training session. In 3 months of training, your strength might grow by 100%.


Numerous exercises in the programme require concentration and balance: smaller fulcrum, unstable footing, unilateral grip - these challenges make it more difficult to do the exercises and activate stabilizers of the whole body.

From the very first training session, your coordination skills will improve.


In order to prevent joint disorders, functional hinges are really helpful. Regular exercise will ensure that you never experience joint problems again.

After 1-3 months of training:

  • Improved amplitude of movement in the joints;
  • Improved blood supply and nutrition to the joints;
  • Strengthened musculoskeletal system.


Regular exercise has a positive effect on the function of internal organs and systems.

Living a hypodynamic lifestyle can lower the risk of developing more severe health issues.

After 1-3 months of training:

  • Loss of weight;
  • Improved blood flow;
  • Decrease in fluid stasis;
  • Prevention of varicose veins.

So, we have examined the practically all of your FISIO training goals.

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