Changing exercise's impact on the nervous system

Many people have probably noticed that when you come to a steady workload or when the exercises are monotonous, the effectiveness of the workout gradually decreases.

The body is not only a complex, but also a very wise system. It has the ability to adapt to stress at all levels, which has enabled mankind to endure throughout history. At some point the body gets used to all physical activity, and the body stops working hard. This means that development stops with constant exertion - stamina and strength stop growing, fat-burning decreases, and muscles no longer grow.

The key to effective training is to change or modify your workload in a timely manner and to introduce variety and novelty to your workout. It is the regular review of your training plan and the introduction of a new body challenge that can give you the boost that will take you to the next level of performance.

The central nervous system is in charge of this entire process. It is the signals from the central nervous system that determine how the whole body adjusts to the given conditions.

Frequently, if you change the training of someone who frequently works out at the gym to functional loops, for instance, he won't be able to perform the majority of the exercises. His body is strong enough to move heavy objects, but it is typically not as coordinated.Training on functional loops primarily strengthens the core and improves a person's coordination.

If you challenge yourself to incorporate new exercises into your workout, or try different types of training, you will notice how quickly your body's capabilities will change for the better. Your hormone levels will rise, your heart rate and breathing pattern change, and the areas of your brain that control coordination start to work more actively.

Also an important point that everyone often forgets is the boring feeling from the monotonous nature of the workout. It sometimes makes it impossible to engage in the process, the brain concentrates less on the correct body position and the work of the necessary muscles. The workout becomes routine.

Our nervous system requires regular stimulation and surprise. An excellent way to achieve this is to switch up your exercise, activity, or location.

The Fisio Fitness Loops are the ideal equipment to meet all training requirements. They may be used at home, on the playground, or even at home to do a variety of exercises for all muscle groups, from strength training to flexibility training.

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